Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Planning the Business Plan?

I've been scouring my brain for the better part of today and yesterday in an attempt to clarify what exactly it is that I want to do as a business.  I know that PC repair is going to be a large chunk of it, but I think that in the long run I would like to move away from that into other areas.  Let me make one thing clear before I go too far... I AM NOT LOOKING TO GET RICH.  It's never been about the money for me.  As long as I can live comfortably and give my kids the things that they need to grow up healthy and happy I'm good to go.

Here are some of the things that I want to do and attempt to get paid to do them...

  • PC Repair... this one is a given as I can repair computers in my sleep
  • Residential technology consulting... this one is a bit more complex so let me break down my ideas
    • Home networking design
    • Residential wireless networking security
    • Personal data storage planning
    • Appliance integration
      • I'm sure most of you realize by now that pretty much anything electronic in your home will at some point in the very near future be "intelligent" and internet/network aware. I want to help people integrate these devices into their existing home network infrastructure and help them do it in a way that best suits their personal needs and also maintains the security of their home network.
      • Home Theater is a big one in this category
    • Something I would love to try is working with new home construction companies to design home networks that can be installed right from the beginning... and it would be equally as cool to be able to assist people who are remodeling their existing homes in designing a home network that fits into their remodel.
  • Digital Media Services
    • Digital archiving of photographic prints and negatives 
    • Video to DVD/Digital media conversion... everything from old home movie film to magnetic tape (VHS, 8mm, miniDV)
    • Digital audio conversion from magnetic tape to digital files.
      • All of the above would be done using the same guidelines that are used by the Library of Congress and the Smithsonian Institution.
    • Photographic restoration... this is time consuming and therefore expensive (and sometimes impossible), but I'm sure there is a market for it.
So there is it... the above list is pretty much everything that I would be interested in doing for money.  This of course leads me to 2 important questions/problems...

  1. Do I do the PC repair/Technology consulting and Digital Media Services as 2 separate ventures or should I just do them under one umbrella?
  2. Either way... what do I call my company(ies)?
    • If I do them separately I think I would call one "5.19 Technology Services" and the other "5.19 Digital Media" or "5.19 Digital Media Services"
    • Together... I just don't know... maybe "5.19 Digital Services"???
This is where my brain has pretty much been stuck since this morning... 


  1. Just my $.02, but: I think there's a bigger need/market at the moment for the PC repair and technology consulting than there is for the digital media services. Not to say that there isn't a market for the digital media - especially as everything is moving towards more "high tech" methods of storage and display for photos and other media - but I think that at the moment, there is a big public emphasis on integration of computer and entertainment systems, especially since things like Netflix/Pandora/etc have tie-ins not just with DVD/Bluray players but gaming systems as well. In my opinion, you might be best starting with that, and branching outwards to the digital media services once you have yourself established (as they are RELATED services, just not directly tied together).

    As such, I think that a business name such as 5.19 Technology Services covers it all because it states the obvious - the computer/entertainment system set up and maintainance - but also leaves you room to grow to the digital media because it still is a division of a technological service. Or you could always go with an amalgamation, such as "5.19 Technology and Media Services".

    Hope that helps.

  2. I'll toss in two cents too! In essence, I agree with the above. I definitely think you should pursue both, but perhaps focus on the tech services and computer repair at first, and branch into Digital Media as you gain momentum. As for a title, I like an amalgamation of the two, something like "5.19 Technology and Digital Media Services" or something like that :)